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ESC Undress Rehearsal

It was quite late when we finally got to bed last night because of the Eurovision Song Contest . Harry loved the dress I was wearing. He could hardly focus on the show as he just couldn’t take his eyes off of me. Yet, he seemed to find it more enjoyable to help me lose … Continue reading ESC Undress Rehearsal

Eurovision Dinner Date

It had been a while that my husband Harry and I had a dinner date. Harry thought the night of the Eurovision Song Contest might be a good occasion. We were having a Steak “Strindberg” with fried potatoes. It was delicious as always. We also enjoyed the contest. We weren’t so fond of this year’s … Continue reading Eurovision Dinner Date

ESC Dress Rehearsal

My lovely husband Harry and I are huge fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. When Harry attended the 1998 ESC in Birmingham, it was still quite a festive occasion with dress code and everything. This is long gone. Everything is very casual nowadays. Still, I thought it might be appropriate to dress up for this … Continue reading ESC Dress Rehearsal

East Frisia, Day 8 – Journey Home

Time to travel home… We surely enjoyed our third trip to East Frisia and are looking forward to coming back in September. I hope it will be warm enough for some bikini shots then because I’d really love to do some fashion shots in a maritime environment. Except for some weird glances from passers-by, which … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 8 – Journey Home

East Frisia, Day 6 – Father-Daughter Day

Harry had been pretty exhausted from the previous days – it is quite something to push your doll around in her wheelchair all day, mind you. So, on our sixth day, I decided to give my lovely husband a well deserved rest. I insisted he’d go out but leave me at the apartment for this … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 6 – Father-Daughter Day

East Frisia, Day 5: Schlosspark Lütetsburg

Dear travel diary, Today, we went back to Schloßpark Lütetsburg, undoubtedly the most beautiful castle garden park throughout all of East Frisia. We had been here last year and even celebrated a renewal wedding ceremony in the little chapel on the estate. The weather was not as great as last year but still good enough … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 5: Schlosspark Lütetsburg

East Frisia, Day 3: Coastline Sunset

Dear travel diary, Harry was pretty tired after two days of rolling me around in my wheelie. Also, the weather wasn’t really nice. So we decided to stay home, take naps and maybe play a nice game of “Mensch ärgere dich nicht”. But the weather cleared up near the end of the day, so we … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 3: Coastline Sunset

East Frisia, Day 2: Dornumersiel

Dear travel diary, We had a terrific day with terrific weather at Dornumersiel today. Still, two questions linger in my mind:a) How come the water is always gone when I get there?b) Do I look like I’ve gained weight on the photos? Well, anyway… We took a stroll around the Mahlbusen which is an artifical … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 2: Dornumersiel

East Frisia, Day 1: Arrival

Dear travel diary, This vacation trip promises to turn out way, way, way much better than the mishap trip to the Baltic Sea about a fortnight ago. The train attendants were all very kind and helpful, as they had been the previous times when we traveled to East Frisia, and my husband had a very … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 1: Arrival

Sexy Lingerie Shooting

My favourite lingerie are my “Freya SOIRÉE LACE – Underwired bra” (size 65i) combined with my “Freya SOIRÉE LACE – Panties” (size XS) that my lovely husband Harry bought me about a year ago. 😍 We did take a few photos back then but we never got to do a really sexy photo shooting. We … Continue reading Sexy Lingerie Shooting

A Case of Defamation?

I don’t know if there’s any lawyers amongst the doll community, dolls or “owners”. But I really might need someone to step forward and give me some legal advice here. Before I get to the point, let me share the following thoughts with you. See, let’s face it. Usually, a doll doesn’t find her partner … Continue reading A Case of Defamation?

Baltic Disappointment

Goodness me…!I had been so looking forward to our vacation trip to the Baltic Sea but it turned out an utter disappointment. 🙁 I love traveling by train and our froggy daughter, Nici, was so excited about joining us on that trip. But the first downer already happened on our final train when some small-minded … Continue reading Baltic Disappointment