Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 3)

Time to wrap up our tour of the island with the third and final part.

We resume our tour at “Haus Wittdün” where we had rented our apartment (red spot 16)

We follow the junction directly opposite the house and reach the island’s Catholic church which was built in 1970 (red spot 17).

It is said to have attracted widespread attention due to its unusual, tent-like architecture. But I guess you can tell from my reaction what I think of “places of worship”.

We follow the street “Op de Höcht” (Low German: at the top) downhill and turn right onto the street “Westend”, leading up the dyke.

At the top of the dyke, we take the path to the left-hand side from where we can spot the harbour facilities in the distance.

From the overpass, we can see the tracks of the historic horse-drawn railway. Coincidentally, the railway was just leaving with a load of kids. No idea why they wouldn’t wave back (red spot 18).

We follow the path on the dyke until we reach the first opportunity to descend it, from where we go straight ahead and eventually reach the station building of the historic horse-drawn railway (red spot 19).

I would really love to take a ride when we come back in September. Harry has promised me he will enquire as to whether this will be possible.

We follow Westerloog inwards to Norderloog and reach the town hall again, where we started our tour two days earlier. Right next door is the Spiekeroog Island Museum. It stands a little higher up and is one of the oldest houses in the village (red spot 20).

As Harry and I are not museum-goers, we move on and turn directly left into Noorderpad and then immediately left again into the street “In d’Kamp”. (“Kamp” is Low German and probably derives from the Latin “campus”).

Immediately after the road turns left, we follow the turning to the right and reach the spa gardens, where we find beautiful botany. During the season, concerts are held on the stage here, so I felt called upon to do a performance (red spot 21).

We would have loved to stroll into the other part of the park where there are ponds. But it had rained a lot the week before and the unpaved paths were pretty muddy. So we saved that for next time and chose to finish our tour right here.

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