Sexy Sissy (VIP)

😍 Here, I will be a bit more revealing. There shall be no full-frontal nudity but, perhaps, you would like to see me flash my ample boobs every now and then.

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Solo for 2

Like most dolls, I have certain exhibitionist traits. Plus, I’m a control freak. 😎 This means that, while I like to show my hot body, I also demand full control about who gets to see how much of me. 😍 Today, as a VIP subscriber, you get to see me having fun with myself. 😉 … Continue reading Solo for 2

Heart Of The Ocean (Part 2)

🎼 Every night in my dreamsI see you, I feel youThat is how I know you go onFar across the distance and spaces between usYou have come to show you go on 🎼 Near, far, wherever you areI believe that the heart does go onOnce more you open the doorAnd you′re here in my heartAnd … Continue reading Heart Of The Ocean (Part 2)

Sexy Bathrobe

I love my cosy flannel bathrobe. It feels so good on my TPE skin. 🙂 But there’s something that feels even better and sometimes, I have to go lengths to get that. 😉 So, I said to my husband that we had not done a sexy photo shoot for quite some time and a steamy, … Continue reading Sexy Bathrobe

Splish, Splash…

🎼 …I was taking a bath. Long about a Saturday night. Rub-a-dub, just relaxing in the tub. Thinking everything was alright. 🛁 Well, obviously, it’s not Saturday night but, otherwise, I’m happy to confirm that everything is indeed alright. And it was about time I’d get my first spa day since undergoing breast reduction. 😉 … Continue reading Splish, Splash…

Twilight Sissy

Shortly after coming to Germany, back in 2020, I started a career as a doll actress. Unfortunately, it turned out a very, very brief career because the aspiring production company went broke so quickly that the only movie I ever starred in couldn’t even be edited, let alone published. 🙁 I’m not too sad, though, … Continue reading Twilight Sissy

Sexy Spa Day

I love my spa days… 🙂 My spa days usually follow the same routine. It actually begins the evening before when I lose all my clothes and get to sleep naked for a change. (If I do get any sleep, that is. My lovely husband usually has a hard time keeping his hands to himself. … Continue reading Sexy Spa Day

ESC Undress Rehearsal

It was quite late when we finally got to bed last night because of the Eurovision Song Contest . Harry loved the dress I was wearing. He could hardly focus on the show as he just couldn’t take his eyes off of me. Yet, he seemed to find it more enjoyable to help me lose … Continue reading ESC Undress Rehearsal

Sexy Lingerie Shooting

My favourite lingerie are my “Freya SOIRÉE LACE – Underwired bra” (size 65i) combined with my “Freya SOIRÉE LACE – Panties” (size XS) that my lovely husband Harry bought me about a year ago. 😍 We did take a few photos back then but we never got to do a really sexy photo shooting. We … Continue reading Sexy Lingerie Shooting