Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 2)

About time for the second part of our tour of the island. Please pay attention: some consecutive words are linked to different photos.

First, we go back to the small wood alongside the street “Bi d’Utkiek” (Low German: at the lookout) and follow the path leading up the dunes to the North (red spot 7).

At the end of the path, we turn right to follow the street “Noorderlog” (red spot 8). Soon we spot the “Utkieker” (Low German: the lookout) on the top of a panoramic dune (red spot 9).
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Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 1)

Goodness…! 😯
It has been a month since we returned from Spiekeroog and I have not yet published a report about our stay on the island.

The day after our rail, bus and ferry trip to what Harry refers to as the most beautiful island in the world, we started a nice scenic round trip through and out of the village.

To find out where the island of Spiekeroog is located, please consult Google Maps.

From here forth, please click on the text links to view photos from our stops. The “red spot” links will show you a map outlining our route and numbered red spots showing our stops.
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Spiekeroog, here I come!

It’s almost two weeks that Harry and I returned from our holiday trip to Spiekeroog – about time to publish some reviews.

And what a beautiful island this is, folks…!

Originally, we had planned to spend seven days at mainland East Frisia before traveling to the island. But on the tram that would bring us to Hanover main station, Harry collapsed.

You can’t imagine the scare my lovely husband gave me. I was so glad when we made it back home safely the same morning.

At first, we considered we might still travel a day or two later but eventually decided to cancel.
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Save Lydia!

I am a companion doll. So are most of my friends, so is Lydia.

That’s what we are. And as such, we are dependent on our human companions to give us love and to care for us.

And also to protect us.

Yes, we like to tell stories and do role-playing. But truth is that, for obvious reasons, we are unable to help and defend ourselves.

Imagine someone who not only does not support your choice of a life partner but also, for whatever twisted reason, wants to prevent you from being happy with the partner you have chosen.
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Going punky

Even though I’ve been complimented for my beautiful blue eyes, I’m well aware that there’s something else I have a pair of that generates most interest.

I know that because my husband has never fondled my eyes. 😉

That’s fine with me. I like my twins and I like to show them off without revealing too much so as to leave something to the viewer’s imagination. 😍

You know, with regard to the headline, I don’t know anything about being “punky”. I’m not even sure about the definition of being “punk” or “punky” or “grunge”, to be honest.
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