My Kitchen

😋 I’ll share my favourite recipes with you.

Mamis Gulasch

“Mamis Gulasch” translates to “Mommy’s Goulash” and is THE speciality of the house, so to speak. 🧑‍🍳 Harry has cooked this dish for various friends and, so far, everybody has loved it, our 🐸 daughter Nici and myself included. 😋 Of course, we are not talking about the classic Hungarian goulash that you might know. … Continue reading Mamis Gulasch

Teufelsbraten 🔥

Germany is the land of roasted pork. 🐖 This goes so far that some morons seem to feel personally offended if someone gives up meat because of their lifestyle and won’t be silent about it. 😄 Even worse, of course, are those intellectual low-flyers who claim their patridiotic (pun intended) feelings are hurt and the … Continue reading Teufelsbraten 🔥

Pasta ai gamberi piccanti

Harry and I love to cook and eat delicious food. Admittedly, Harry does most of the cooking (and eating). Still, my newest category will be named “My Kitchen”. 😉 Let’s start out with a very simple recipe for our favourite pasta dish. 🍝😋 “Spicy shrimp pasta” describes this dish correctly but we thought, an Italian … Continue reading Pasta ai gamberi piccanti