Going punky

Even though I’ve been complimented for my beautiful blue eyes, I’m well aware that there’s something else I have a pair of that generates most interest.

I know that because my husband has never fondled my eyes. 😉

That’s fine with me. I like my twins and I like to show them off without revealing too much so as to leave something to the viewer’s imagination. 😍

You know, with regard to the headline, I don’t know anything about being “punky”. I’m not even sure about the definition of being “punk” or “punky” or “grunge”, to be honest.

But this dress is officially a “ROMWE PUNK Grunge Skull Letter Graphic Backless Halter Bodycon Dress With Arm Sleeves”. So…

Anyway, I think it looks hot and it’s comfortable and it does its job. The fabric feels great, too, says my lovely Hubby so he knows what to do with his hands when we’re making out. 💞


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