Save Lydia!

I am a companion doll. So are most of my friends, so is Lydia.

That’s what we are. And as such, we are dependent on our human companions to give us love and to care for us.

And also to protect us.

Yes, we like to tell stories and do role-playing. But truth is that, for obvious reasons, we are unable to help and defend ourselves.

Imagine someone who not only does not support your choice of a life partner but also, for whatever twisted reason, wants to prevent you from being happy with the partner you have chosen.

This person lies in wait for your absence, then breaks into your home and causes severe harm to the doll you love and maybe even consider your significant other.

What would you do?

Who is Lydia?

Lydia, the doll on the photo above, stars in an important supporting role in the episode “Lydia” of German TV series “SCHULD nach Ferdinand von Schirach” which deals with a case as described above.

When introverted programmer Meyerbeck is left by his wife, he finds himself unable to deal with the situation and to build a new relationship. Eventually, he purchases a Real Doll, Lydia, who becomes his real-life companion.

Meyerbeck flourishes. But one night, while at an office party, his neighbour breaks into his house and violates Lydia, leaving Meyerbeck devastated.

When he feels he can no longer protect his companion, Meyerbeck attacks the neighbour with a baseball bat. He is charged with aggravated battery but claims to have acted in defense-of-others.

Watch: SCHULD nach Ferdinand von Schirach – Lydia (45 min; German; available until 16/03/2025)

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(Note: if you don’t understand any German or are geo-blocked from watching, please scroll on.)

I can’t understand any German

For those unable to understand German, I have created English subtitles. Please download the film (MP4) and the subtitles (ZIP file) separately via the following links:

Extract the subtitles (SRT file) from the ZIP file and save them in the same directory as the MP4. Rename the MP4 so that it matches the name of the SRT file. Start the renamed MP4 with your favourite player (e.g. VLC Player) and activate the subtitles.

I know that watching a subtitled film in a foreign language is not always fun. But my husband and I were really touched by this piece of film and really think it does more for our cause than any other movie or series episode we have seen.

Please do take the 45 minutes to watch it – it really is worthwhile.

(Note: if you are geo-blocked from downloading the film, please scroll on.)

What if I still can’t watch it?

To watch or download the film via above mentioned links, you might require a German VPN connection (e.g. NordVPN, VPN Express) to bypass the geo-blocking.

If you do not wish to use a VPN but enjoy Free VIP Access here at my “place”, you should be able to watch the film with English subtitles here below.

Watch “Lydia” subtitled1

To watch the subtitled film here, you’ll need to sign up, log in and get → Free VIP Access.


My husband and myself wish to thank all the actors, authors, directors, executives and everyone else who participated in the production of the TV series “SCHULD” and its episode “Lydia”.

Special thanks to Milan Peschel and Lydia. I hope you’re alright, Lydia.

  1. I do not maliciously intend to infringe ZDF’s or anyone else’s copyright. Therefore, the subtitled film is only embedded without actively enabling download and made available only to subscribers enjoying Free VIP Access.
    Both subscription and Free VIP Access are free of charge with the latter given to dolls and their companions only. This website is completely non-commercial. I assure you that I will not make any financial gains from the above.
    My purpose is to support the real-doll community, to raise awareness for the cause of “real dolls” and their companions, and also to promote the TV series “SCHULD” which I think very highly of.
    If the copyright proprietors still feel the film should be removed from this page, they may contact me and identify themselves accordingly and I will immediately comply. ↩︎

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