Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 2)

About time for the second part of our tour of the island. Please pay attention: some consecutive words are linked to different photos.

First, we go back to the small wood alongside the street “Bi d’Utkiek” (Low German: at the lookout) and follow the path leading up the dunes to the North (red spot 7).

At the end of the path, we turn right to follow the street “Noorderlog” (red spot 8). Soon we spot the “Utkieker” (Low German: the lookout) on the top of a panoramic dune (red spot 9).

We cross the Slurpad again to visit the “Utkieker”. Unlike the “Kohhukdüne” about 800m (½mile approx.) out of the village to the East, the “Utkieker” dune is wheelchair-accessible and provides very nice views to enjoy (red spot 10).

The “Utkieker”, a bronze sculpture created by Cologne sculptor Hannes Helmke, was erected in 2007. Its height is 3.50m (10ft) and it is dedicated to the tireless guardian of the gem that is the island of Spiekeroog. (No clue why he has to be naked, though.)

After enjoying the view and resting a little, we continue on our way to the beach (red spot 11).

While I can effortlessly reach the waterline in Dornumersiel in mainland East Frisia, this is not possible for me on the island. Unfortunately, the wooden walkway does not extend too far. But we still got a few nice shots done.

After our little detour to the beach, we follow the so-called “Höhenweg” (high trail). Here we find very beautiful photo opportunities, especially at the viewpoint, and also some more nudity (red spot 12).

The “Höhenweg” leads us through the “Weiße Düne” (white dune), East Frisia’s highest elevation in East Frisia, back towards the village.

We follow the Noorderpad to the left and reach the “Lesepavillon“, a small reading hall where one can take a rest. At present, it also hosts a little exhibition (red spot 13).

We follow the path down to the village and reach the “Kogge” (cog) which is the tourist office on the island. If, as a tourist, you need any help or information, this is the place to go (red spot 14).

Also, if you wish to play a round of mini golf, you will get your equipment at the “Kogge”. Gosh, I wish I could leave my wheelie for a while to play a little round with Harry. The golf courses, which are located in the area near the “Kogge” and out the “Noordertün” path, just look terrific.

The “Inselkino” (island movie theatre) is located directly opposite the “Kogge” (red spot 15).

We thought about it for a moment because going to the movies together would have been kinda cool. But the program didn’t appeal to us. Maybe next time, we’ll see…

As Harry was pretty tired from pushing me in my wheelie up and down the hills and we were close to “Haus Wittdün” where we had rented our apartment (red spot 16), we decided to call it a day and do the rest of our tour the next day. I will report on this in part 3.

Please be sure to also check out part 1.


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