Spiekeroog: Father-Daughter Day

About time to continue my reports from our holiday to the island of Spiekeroog back in April.

Understandably, my lovely husband wanted to spend one day hiking through the dunes to the east of the village.

Unfortunately, there are no paved paths there, so I wouldn’t be able to go there with my wheelchair.

Well, as you can tell from the sign, girls with cup size C or larger are not allowed to go through the dunes, anyway. (That is what the sign says, right? 😉)

So Harry took the opportunity to treat Nici with a father-daughter day, while I spent the day in the apartment to rest a bit and have my makeup fixed.

Harry and Nici had a great day together and even climbed the “Kohhukdüne” (“Düne 13” on Google Maps). This dune undoubtedly offers the most spectacular views on the island.

Unfortunately, it is by no means wheelchair-accessible and I would never expect Harry to carry me up and down 60 narrow steps. For Nici, however, it was not a problem as she could just wait in her Dad’s backpack until they had made it to the top.

Please be sure to check out the photo gallery below to enjoy views over the dune landscape and to the neighbouring island of Wangerooge.

Of course, Nici and Harry also went down to the beach. It’s a good thing that the three of us all love the sea. We could sit for hours looking over the sea.

At the end of their excursion, Nici and Harry popped into the “Meeresfrüchtchen” (translates to “little sea food”) fish restaurant to buy “Fischbrötchen” for our dinner.

Such bread rolls filled with all variations of fish are very popular all over Germany. Accordingly, they are not only available at coastal villages but in pretty much every larger town.

Also, there is probably no funfair in this country without at least one stall selling “Fischbrötchen”.

We ended the day by writing greetings to our best friends on some picture postcards.


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