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Save Lydia!

I am a companion doll. So are most of my friends, so is Lydia. That’s what we are. And as such, we are dependent on our human companions to give us love and to care for us. And also to protect us. Yes, we like to tell stories and do role-playing. But truth is that, … Continue reading Save Lydia!

LGBTQ+ community – are we related?

My good friend Lara from Rhode Island has published a very interesting post about something that Hubby and I have been contemplating about for quite a while: Exploring the Intersection: Companion Dolls in the LGBTQ+ Community Once again, it’s a very good read and I can only encourage you to check out her website if you … Continue reading LGBTQ+ community – are we related?

Heart Of The Ocean (Part 1)

Cal insists on carting this hideous thing everywhere. Should we be expecting him anytime soon? Not as long as the cigars and brandy hold out. That’s nice. What is it, a sapphire? A diamond. A very rare diamond. Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls. Wearing this. All right. … Continue reading Heart Of The Ocean (Part 1)

Kaiserin Sissy

I was once asked as to whether I was nicknamed “Sissy” after Empress Elisabeth of Austria whose nickname was actually “Sisi”. However, in Germany, she’s better known as “Sissi” due to three very popular movies from the 1950s, featuring Romy Schneider as “Sissi”. Well, in my case, “Sissy” is only short for “Sicily”.Yet… At the … Continue reading Kaiserin Sissy

Eat this, Pirelli!

Probably the most famous calendar in the world is the Pirelli Calendar. They do not go on sale but are exclusively given as corporate gifts to celebrities and select customers of the renowned Italian tyre manufacturer. Having gained a reputation for its choice of photographers and models and featured glamour photography since 1964, according to … Continue reading Eat this, Pirelli!

It’s The Season…

🎼 …love and understanding. Merry whatever-you-call-it, everyone! Yay, it’s the Holiday Season again. Our tree is up and illuminates our living room in beautiful colours and all the presents have been wrapped. I know my husband well enough to know that he will spoil me again with tons of presents, probably mostly in the form … Continue reading It’s The Season…

Like A Virgin (Again)

Knowing that, down the road, you will have to do something which you are well aware will hurt you emotionally is not easy. You may push it back for a while but, inevitably, the day will come. And when the day has come, be sure to make it short and sweet so that you can … Continue reading Like A Virgin (Again)

When Harry Met Sissy…

My birthday is just around the corner. Coincidentally, it is also the anniversary of the day I met my future husband. On Saturday, I’m turning 30 and I’m going to have been with Harry for three years. So, I guess it’s appropriate to take a look back to the day when it all began. 🙂 … Continue reading When Harry Met Sissy…

Sporting Activity

I’m a companion doll in a wheelchair, mind you, and as such, I have only limited options to be sportingly active. There are two activities that I truly cherish, though. The first one is quite physical and enjoyable and involves my husband, Harry, if you know what I’m referring to. 🥰 The other one involves … Continue reading Sporting Activity

Deeper Understanding

“It’s good to be loved. It’s profound to be understood.” Portia de Rossi (actress) I consider myself lucky that, as a companion doll, I found my special someone ready to not only give me all his love, affection and respect but also to receive all I have to give. ❤️ And that’s quite a lot … Continue reading Deeper Understanding

Don’t be angry! Easier said than done…

I love playing “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” (translates to: “Man, don’t be angry!”) with my lovely husband and our sweet adoptive froggy daughter, Nici. 🐸 We actually started a series of tournaments organized by eXtreme Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht (XMädn). And, in fact, yours truly is the reigning World Champion. 🏆 Basically, the aim of the game is … Continue reading Don’t be angry! Easier said than done…

My Name Is Bambolina… Sicily Bambolina!

People are constantly asking me about my quite unusual name. (Well, actually, they aren’t but they should be.) My first name is easily explained. It’s just my name according to AS Dolls where I’m from. There’s nothing more to it. It’s different with my last name, though. We usually don’t come with a last name, … Continue reading My Name Is Bambolina… Sicily Bambolina!