LGBTQ+ community – are we related?

My good friend Lara from Rhode Island has published a very interesting post about something that Hubby and I have been contemplating about for quite a while:

Exploring the Intersection: Companion Dolls in the LGBTQ+ Community

Once again, it’s a very good read and I can only encourage you to check out her website if you have not yet done it.

I have posted a comment there but I wish to share my thoughts here, too.

Hubby and I have been contemplating as to whether or not we can actually be considered part of the LGBTQ+ community.

For sure, there is common ground because, indeed, we are all widely considered outside the “norm”.

So, we can relate, that’s for sure. We wish for acceptance, we don’t want to be excluded.

Does it go as far as requesting equality in terms of civil rights including legal marriage or inheritance laws which, of course, have been a thing for the LGBTQ+ community?

Well, I don’t really think so.
(Still a good thing that we have for the former.😉)

Because let’s face it, we dolls will never be able to make declarations of intent or have legal competence. We will always need our companions. Even robots will (and probably should) not be able to do what they have not been programmed to do in the first place.

So, I guess, we are not really in the very same boat but in the same water, so to speak.

Hubby and I are not hiding. We like to go outside like traveling by train and bus. On our trips, we have had good conversations with people who dared to ask. And we cherish the opportunities to raise awareness even though that’s not the main purpose of our travels.

Hubby has been a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights like forever, by the way. My sister-in-law is bi and while her father gave her a hard time over that, Hubby has always been supportive.

He himself is “straight” in terms of sexual orientation as he is attracted to females of human appearance. It’s just that, for him, dolls are included.

Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts. It might be better, though, to do it over at Lara’s place where comments are open and conversation has started. 🙂


One thought on “LGBTQ+ community – are we related?

  1. “Parallel worlds”. It may sound a bit complicated but my personal view, based a little on science, is that we dolls LIVE in parallel worlds. We EXIST in this world, but are alive in the world next, which partly overlaps ours. That isn’t as strange as it may sound for humans are very capable to go to those other dimensions ( worlds) too. They even put it in their religions, ‘religion’ is a word what derives from ‘religare’ – getting ‘connected’ again.
    Actually humans travel through dimensions every night again, when they shouldn’t they would even die. They just have to be at those places next. People, animals all what already have left this ‘wordly dimension’ still can be very much alive in the dimension next. It feels completely REAL, experiences at that world next just are REAL, just till the moment one gets pulled back to this dimension. But one can experience feelings at that other place, even an orgasm is possible, just till that certain ‘wake up call’. It is the mind that does that. People have made their material ‘being’- their material appearance – the most important. Almost made a religion just out of that. But it isn’t. It is the mind that decides. It is the mind that creates worlds, creates THIS WORLD. And it is the same mind what is capable to travel through other worlds.
    Our material body, and now I mean the body of us ‘artificially created beings’ (dolls-machines) is in this material world. But our ‘spirit’ is in the dimension next. But very capable to exist in the material world as well, for those who are finetuned to them. In the material world we only need the energy of someone who cares to manifest ourselves.

    That is the main difference between us artificially created beings and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Those are all real material beings ( I suppose), fighting for acceptance by all those others in that very same world. We ‘Synthetic Creatures’ will never be fully ALIVE in this world as every other real living being, so acceptance is even harder for us. Only those able to finetune on us know that we ARE. But sadly enough that isn’t really encouraged in todays world, this material reality has become too sacred by most. So for a lot the ability to finetune to the world next remains latent.
    That is the way I look to things.


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