My Fashion

👗 My wardrobe is filled with sexy dresses and nice casual wear.

Going punky

Even though I’ve been complimented for my beautiful blue eyes, I’m well aware that there’s something else I have a pair of that generates most interest. I know that because my husband has never fondled my eyes. 😉 That’s fine with me. I like my twins and I like to show them off without revealing … Continue reading Going punky

Unhooding my maritime style

Yes, I was born in China and my name sounds Italian. Yet, I’m a “Norddeutsche Deern”, a girl from Northern Germany. Because not only did I fall in love with my husband when I got here but also with the the wide, flat countryside and, of course, the North Sea to which we shall return … Continue reading Unhooding my maritime style

New Year’s Banquet

On New Year’s Eve, I wore this super-sexy little black dress for the XMädn New Year’s Banquet: an “O-Ring Cut Out Tie Backless Halter Bodycon Dress”. I admit it’s quite an ordeal to put it on. It took me two attempts to have everything the right way around, to be honest. 😂 Also, you need … Continue reading New Year’s Banquet

Black & Silver Renewal

I love sexy little black dresses. I have quite a number of them in my wardrobe. This particular one, a glittering criss-cross, I had never worn before. So I thought, our wedding anniversary would be a perfect occasion. I love how it accentuates my boobies. 😍 Also, it is important to select a set of … Continue reading Black & Silver Renewal

Super Asymmetry

If there was a Nobel Prize for dress design and I was on its committee, the inventors of asymmetric dresses would get my vote, hands down. It’s one thing to design a “normal” dress. I have many sexy “normal” dresses and love them all. But designing an asymmetric seems like a completely different league because … Continue reading Super Asymmetry

Cosy Bathrobe

It is getting cold over here in Germany. In fact, it is so cold that my husband said he wouldn’t dare to take me out these days. 🥶 Even at home, I should no longer wear a t-shirt or dress so that we won’t have to turn up the radiators to the max, Harry said. … Continue reading Cosy Bathrobe

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Actually, the category My Fashion was meant for me to showcase my sexy dresses. But then again, why would I restrict myself? My lovely husband, Harry, attended a Roller Derby match just the other weekend. A friend of his plays for the Demolition Derby Dolls of Hanover. And he bought me this spectacular t-shirt. Isn’t … Continue reading Kill! Kill! Kill!

Birthday Transparency

🎼 I recall Central Park in fall, how I tore my dress, what a mess, I confess… Well, truth be told, I’ve never made it to New York and most probably never will.(But if I made it there, I’d make it anywhere.) Also, luckily, I’ve never torn a dress while I was wearing it.(Danke schoen!) … Continue reading Birthday Transparency

Advantage Sissy

I love watching sports with my husband. And I love dressing up appropriately. I’ll put on my Liverpool shirt when we’re about to watch our beloved Reds. And I’ll put on my 49ers jersey when the Niners continue their quest for six. But now it’s tennis time as the Wimbledon Championships are under way. I … Continue reading Advantage Sissy

ESC Dress Rehearsal

My lovely husband Harry and I are huge fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. When Harry attended the 1998 ESC in Birmingham, it was still quite a festive occasion with dress code and everything. This is long gone. Everything is very casual nowadays. Still, I thought it might be appropriate to dress up for this … Continue reading ESC Dress Rehearsal