Unhooding my maritime style

Yes, I was born in China and my name sounds Italian. Yet, I’m a “Norddeutsche Deern”, a girl from Northern Germany.

Because not only did I fall in love with my husband when I got here but also with the the wide, flat countryside and, of course, the North Sea to which we shall return in April.

I am also quite fond of clothing with maritime themes and motifs which I plan to wear when going on holiday again.

This hoodie dress, for instance. Okay, it reads “Atlantic Ocean” but as the North Sea is geographically a part of it, I think I can still wear this.

It may not be suitable to brace myself for “Schietwetter” (shitty weather) which is so typical for these parts. But it’s quite comfy and I think its style is kind of funny.

Also, the hood might protect me from seagulls shitting on me. 🤣


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