Spiekeroog: Ferry ‘Cross The North Sea

🎼 …’cause this land’s the place I love and here I’ll stay. ⛴️

Well, Harry and I are working on the latter but it has proven to be really difficult to find a place to live permanently up in East Frisia.

Accordingly, we had to travel back home last April at the end of a wonderful week on the most beautiful island in the world, Spiekeroog.

For our outward journey, our ferry had been switched at short notice from the “Spiekeroog II” to the “Spiekeroog I” on which the wheelchair spaces were poorly positioned nowhere near a window.
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Spiekeroog: Father-Daughter Day

About time to continue my reports from our holiday to the island of Spiekeroog back in April.

Understandably, my lovely husband wanted to spend one day hiking through the dunes to the east of the village.

Unfortunately, there are no paved paths there, so I wouldn’t be able to go there with my wheelchair.

Well, as you can tell from the sign, girls with cup size C or larger are not allowed to go through the dunes, anyway. (That is what the sign says, right? 😉)

So Harry took the opportunity to treat Nici with a father-daughter day, while I spent the day in the apartment to rest a bit and have my makeup fixed.
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Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 3)

Time to wrap up our tour of the island with the third and final part.

We resume our tour at “Haus Wittdün” where we had rented our apartment (red spot 16)

We follow the junction directly opposite the house and reach the island’s Catholic church which was built in 1970 (red spot 17).

It is said to have attracted widespread attention due to its unusual, tent-like architecture. But I guess you can tell from my reaction what I think of “places of worship”.

We follow the street “Op de Höcht” (Low German: at the top) downhill and turn right onto the street “Westend”, leading up the dyke.
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Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 2)

About time for the second part of our tour of the island. Please pay attention: some consecutive words are linked to different photos.

First, we go back to the small wood alongside the street “Bi d’Utkiek” (Low German: at the lookout) and follow the path leading up the dunes to the North (red spot 7).

At the end of the path, we turn right to follow the street “Noorderlog” (red spot 8). Soon we spot the “Utkieker” (Low German: the lookout) on the top of a panoramic dune (red spot 9).
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Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 1)

Goodness…! 😯
It has been a month since we returned from Spiekeroog and I have not yet published a report about our stay on the island.

The day after our rail, bus and ferry trip to what Harry refers to as the most beautiful island in the world, we started a nice scenic round trip through and out of the village.

To find out where the island of Spiekeroog is located, please consult Google Maps.

From here forth, please click on the text links to view photos from our stops. The “red spot” links will show you a map outlining our route and numbered red spots showing our stops.
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