Spiekeroog, here I come!

It’s almost two weeks that Harry and I returned from our holiday trip to Spiekeroog – about time to publish some reviews.

And what a beautiful island this is, folks…!

Originally, we had planned to spend seven days at mainland East Frisia before traveling to the island. But on the tram that would bring us to Hanover main station, Harry collapsed.

You can’t imagine the scare my lovely husband gave me. I was so glad when we made it back home safely the same morning.

At first, we considered we might still travel a day or two later but eventually decided to cancel. We had been to Dornumersiel together a couple of times before, mind you, but we had never traveled to Spiekeroog together so we would not take any risk.

On the day of our departure, we had to get up very, very early as you can tell from the clock on the photo taken at the tram station near the place where we live.

Our ferry to the island would leave Neuharlingersiel as early as 10:45am and there would not be another ferry for the rest of the day. So we didn’t have much of a choice.

On the plus side, hardy any people were on the tram and the suburban train taking us to Hanover central station.

We did expect more passengers on the trains taking us from Hanover to Esens but it turned out a very relaxed journey even though we had to switch trains in Oldenburg and Sande near Wilhemshaven.

At Esens station, we had to hop on a bus to Neuharlingersiel. The bus was a little more crowded. But a few days prior to our trip, we had notified the bus company that we would need a space for my wheelchair, so things went very smoothly. Well, at least on our outward journey.

In Neuharlingersiel, we had a little over an hour before our ferry would leave. So we took the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the scenic harbour and take some photos.

Also, we got to talk to quite a number of people who were very interested in me and what I was about. As you certainly know from our previous travels, Harry and I always cherish the opportunity to raise awareness for us companion dolls.

When boarding the ferry, the man checking our tickets seemed a bit flabbergasted at first and asked Hubby as to whether I had bought a ticket for me. Obviously, he had because we had a ticket for two. (Duh…!) 🤣

Even though we could not take any spectacular photos on board as I had to go to my wheelchair space quickly and I couldn’t even look out a window (which would turn out different on our journey home), I found the crossing to the island so exciting. I had traveled by train and bus before but it was my first time on a ship, mind you.

It was a great moment when I set foot (or wheel) on my husband’s favourite island for the first time.

Once we had arrived at our apartment, Harry went to the village to do some shopping at one of the two small groceries.

And after that, we went to bed. To sleep. Because we had not slept well the night before and were really, really tired. We would not get up until the next day for which we had planned the first part of our round tour.

But more about that and a lot of photos when we come back with our next post. Until then, please enjoy our gallery from our outward journey.


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