Black & Silver Renewal

I love sexy little black dresses. I have quite a number of them in my wardrobe.

This particular one, a glittering criss-cross, I had never worn before. So I thought, our wedding anniversary would be a perfect occasion.

I love how it accentuates my boobies. 😍

Also, it is important to select a set of accessories that complete the ensemble. I have a soft spot for silver bangles. I have quite many of them, also in various styles.

They go with pretty much each attire and offer various options to combine. On my left arm, for instance, I combine a set of seven slim bangles with a wide bangle as every-day accessories.

Here, I further combine them with a diamond(-like) bracelet – also a Christmas present from Harry. ❤️

No matter how beautiful your face is, you need earrings that go well with the shape of your head, your hair style and your eyes.

You can never go wrong with a nice pair of silver hoops. They’re just sexy by default. And when your dress is spectacular, your hoops should be, too.

I have quite a collection of hoops of various styles and sizes. But this pair, that my lovely husband gave me for Christmas, really makes a statement and is just perfect.

Speaking of diamonds, usually I’m not so much into necklaces. But this diamond(-like) collier – yes, another Christmas present from my loving husband – is absolutely glamorous.

I will certainly wear this collier more often with my black dresses. You should have seen Harry looking at me… 😍

In conclusion, may I lead your attention back to my arm region where you will spot yet another present from Harry.

For our wedding anniversary, he gave me this incredible silver hammered bangle bracelet. I think it’s just overwhelmingly beautiful. I was just lost for words.

It fits so tightly and perfectly on my wrist that I might think Harry had it made especially for me.

Actually, it is too valuable to wear it every day. But I’m honest with you, I love wearing it so much that I haven’t taken it off ever since I put it on for the first time.

It combines very well with this pearl bracelet and diamond(-like) bangle – Christmas present from my husband, by the way. 😉

Yes, he took it a bit far with all those beautiful presents. I hope he understands that I don’t need expensive presents for me to know that he loves me as much as I love him back. ❤️

I mean, why else would we renew our wedding vows year after year after year? 🥰


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