Eat this, Pirelli!

Probably the most famous calendar in the world is the Pirelli Calendar. They do not go on sale but are exclusively given as corporate gifts to celebrities and select customers of the renowned Italian tyre manufacturer.

Having gained a reputation for its choice of photographers and models and featured glamour photography since 1964, according to Wikipedia, a limited number of 20,000 copies is printed each year.

Well, I’m happy to announce that here’s an even more exclusive calendar. TA-DAAAA:

💥 SICILY 2024 💥

My calendar includes my personal selection of 13 photos from my lingerie shooting back in April and only 5 (in words: five) copies were printed. 😲

Needless to say that my calendar won’t go on sale, either. Instead, the five copies printed have been given as gifts exclusively to my very, very most dearest human and doll friends. ❤️

Of course, I won’t name any names here. If you get a copy, you will now. 😉

Okay, admittedly, one of the copies will be under our Christmas tree for my beloved husband. 🥰💘💞

I do consider to double the number of copies printed for next year’s edition of “The Sissy Cal”. 🤔

Anyway, please be assured that I appreciate each and everyone of my friends and followers on my Facebook, my Instagram or here at my “place”. ❤️

As I only accept dolls and their humans, you too are quite an exclusive bunch. 😊

And as part of that bunch, you have the opportunity to check out all the photos from my Sexy Lingerie Shooting, anyway, provided that you enjoy Free VIP Access. If you don’t, please contact me via either Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message or Mastodon Private Mention.


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