Kaiserin Sissy

I was once asked as to whether I was nicknamed “Sissy” after Empress Elisabeth of Austria whose nickname was actually “Sisi”.

However, in Germany, she’s better known as “Sissi” due to three very popular movies from the 1950s, featuring Romy Schneider as “Sissi”.

Well, in my case, “Sissy” is only short for “Sicily”.

At the XMädn New Year’s Banquet, I was crowned “Triple Crown Queen” for winning all three “Majors” within a season.

And since I added the XLeague trophy a few days before the banquet, I have been labeled “Kaiserin Sissy”.

Well, that’s not at all official because the XLeague is a double-threat Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht event, of course, which, as such, has nothing to do with the triple-threat “Majors”.

But… the media… you know. 😉

Of course, you can still call my “Queen Sissy”, plain and simple. 😄

Oh, that’s my championship point to win the XLeague on the left, by the way – a “6” for red. I won the first-to-4 Final Series against Nici by 4-1. 🙂

Next weekend, we will start into the new season. I’m really looking forward to play triple-threat Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht again. 🙂

The Banquet was quite enjoyable, by the way. Of course, my husband and our froggy daughter were there, too. Harry and Nici are also XMädn players, mind you.

I wore an extremely sexy little black dress as the photo above certainly suggests. Here’s a nice little gallery – enjoy! 🙂


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