New Year’s Banquet

On New Year’s Eve, I wore this super-sexy little black dress for the XMädn New Year’s Banquet: an “O-Ring Cut Out Tie Backless Halter Bodycon Dress”.

I admit it’s quite an ordeal to put it on. It took me two attempts to have everything the right way around, to be honest. 😂

Also, you need to be sure to lace it up really tightly so that nothing will run free at the front. 😉

Obviously, it’s not a dress to wear every day. It really takes a special occasion to feel sexier than ever. 😍

I had already worn it the previous year and my lovely husband was so stunned that he had to breath into a paper bag and we almost missed the Banquet. 😄

Well, here are 15 photos taken at the Banquet. On photos 14 and 15, I’m wearing the “Medal” as Player Of The Year and my “Queen’s Crown” as Triple Crown Queen for winning all three “Majors” within a single season. 🥇👑

On photo 15, I also showcase the four trophies I won in 2022-23 (left-to-right): GP World Series, World Championship, XLeague and World Masters. 🏆🏆🏆🏆


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