Super Asymmetry

If there was a Nobel Prize for dress design and I was on its committee, the inventors of asymmetric dresses would get my vote, hands down.

It’s one thing to design a “normal” dress. I have many sexy “normal” dresses and love them all.

But designing an asymmetric seems like a completely different league because such dresses have so many different aspects from each angle of vision.

Many of them look fabulous but also appear like they might be quite complicated to put on for a doll.

This dress that I wore for our steak dinner date last night was not complicated to put on (and off again) at all. Good thing, of course, that it doesn’t have a long sleeve.

Usually, I like wearing dresses which are a bit more revealing. This one pretty much covers all of my upper assets, still, I do think that they are very well staged. Also, I like the sparkling effect of the fabric.

I’m not so much into necklaces because I don’t like cold metal around my neck which my husband regrets because he feels that I have a beautiful neck. So, that fabric neck thingy putting some emphasize on my neck is highly welcomed as well.

Our dinner date was lovely, by the way. We were having an entrecote steak with herbal butter, mushrooms, onions and fries. As a dessert, we were having spaghetti ice cream.

Previously, when having a glass of red wine as an aperitif, Harry proposed to me to renew our vows again on Christmas Day, our third wedding anniversary. Of course, I said yes. ❤️

If only I knew what to wear for our renewal…


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