Cosy Bathrobe

It is getting cold over here in Germany. In fact, it is so cold that my husband said he wouldn’t dare to take me out these days. 🥶

Even at home, I should no longer wear a t-shirt or dress so that we won’t have to turn up the radiators to the max, Harry said. 🔥

I do have a nice sweater and some pair of pants that might keep me warm but, to be honest, they’re kind of impractical in certain situations. 😉

So I turned to my comfy and cosy flannel bathrobe to do the job. I love how soft it feels on my TPE skin. 🙂

Isn’t it lovely? If I ever get to found a new football franchise, I guess I’ll call it the “Pandas”. 🐼

What do you think? Don’t I wear it well? 😍

If you wish to find out what I’m wearing underneath and you have Free VIP Access, please feel invited to find out: Sexy Bathrobe


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