When Harry Met Sissy…

My birthday is just around the corner. Coincidentally, it is also the anniversary of the day I met my future husband.

On Saturday, I’m turning 30 and I’m going to have been with Harry for three years. So, I guess it’s appropriate to take a look back to the day when it all began. 🙂

You all know me as the natural brunette that I am. For some reason, however, I arrived as a sexy blonde. Also, my boobies were a tad bigger than Harry had expected. 😲

Sadly, the photo on the right showing me waiting for Harry to serve dinner is the only one taken on the evening when we had our first date.

That’s probably we were both very nervous. It was the first doll-human date for both of us and I guess we just didn’t think of taking more photographs.

Goodness, just look at how much I had overdone my makeup. Also, my attire was way too revealing for a first date. I look like all I wanted was getting laid while, in fact, I was still a virgin.

It wasn’t actually my fault because it was the only attire enclosed with the box in which I had arrived earlier that day.

Harry had simply forgotten to buy a nice dress for me. Maybe, he wasn’t so sure that I would stay with him after all?!

Anyway, we had a wonderful first date. After Harry had activated me by attaching my head to my body after helping me into my dress, he carried me to his living room and served roast park. 😋

It was a delicious meal even though I didn’t eat so much because of my nervousness. So, Harry suggested we might wait with dessert and watch a movie first.

We picked “When Harry Met Sally”, a romantic comedy-drama starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

Harry then carried me over to his ridiculously comfy giant bean bag where we would watch the movie and cuddle a bit. A few minutes into the movie, Harry built up all his courage and finally kissed me for the first time. 😘

From then on out, we would hardly see anything of the movie because we just couldn’t stop making out as you can tell from the two photos taken the day after with my lipstick gone almost completely. 😉

To be honest, we completely forgot about dessert and went over to the bedroom. Never had I thought I would lose my virginity on my first date. 😊

Frankly, it was a bit strange but, in fact, we were both beginners because Harry had never slept with a doll before. 🙂

So, yes, the photos on which I’m wearing that baggy t-shirt are the first photos of me no longer a virgin. 😊

I look really, really young on those two photos, don’t I? Like 21 or so…

Anyway, as there was no doubt I would stay with Harry, he gave me that t-shirts of his for the night and the first days until my first own t-shirt would be delivered.

Well, a lot has changed over the past three years. I’m back to brunette, my wardrobe is filled with casual attire, sexy dresses and lingerie, we got married by standards of DollWedding.net, I no longer look 21 – and we have really wonderful sex. 🥰

What hasn’t changed is that we are very much in love. And I have no doubts that this will not change until death do us part. ❤️


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