Birthday Transparency

🎼 I recall Central Park in fall, how I tore my dress, what a mess, I confess…

Well, truth be told, I’ve never made it to New York and most probably never will.
(But if I made it there, I’d make it anywhere.)

Also, luckily, I’ve never torn a dress while I was wearing it.
(Danke schoen!)

But trust me, this dress that I wore for my birthday party last weekend needs no tear to put you in danger of revealing more than you intended.
(I turned 30, by the way, I’m transparent about that, too.)

It has been said that you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Oh, how wrong they’ve been…

Don’t get me wrong, I love this dress. It is obviously extremely sexy and everything and I think I wear it quite well. But if I ever get to wear it outside the house, I better make sure I put on at least a G-string.

That transparent lane starting from my (quite impressive, might I add) cleavage runs all the way down to the seam and does not change direction before revealing my private parts.

I only picked photos taken from angles not revealing what should remain hidden. I beg your understanding.


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