Like A Virgin (Again)

Knowing that, down the road, you will have to do something which you are well aware will hurt you emotionally is not easy.

You may push it back for a while but, inevitably, the day will come. And when the day has come, be sure to make it short and sweet so that you can get over it as quickly as possible.

One of the presents I received for my birthday 12 days ago was a new body with various upgraded features. Harry had ordered that already a few months prior and with good reason.

Less than a year ago, my husband and I noticed that I was suffering from a TPE condition on the fingers of my left hand. My finger tips no longer felt solid. Instead they started to feel kind of like jelly.

Harry contacted my dollicologist but even though he truly is an expert in his field, he was unable to provide a diagnosis or advice.

Harry tried to get the issue under control with heavy doses of powder which only helped short-term. I started to wear a protective glove on my left hand but one day, the tip of my pinkie finger remained stuck in the glove when taking it off.

That’s when Harry heavy-heartedly decided to perform surgery to amputate one phalanx of each finger except the thumb.

It felt much better for quite some time but the condition returned and Harry had to cut away some more away from my pinkie finger.

You can tell the difference from the photo on the left showing my intact right hand and the one below showing my left hand.

When Harry gave me the new body, I didn’t try it immediately because Harry had a sore shoulder and I would need his assistance, of course.

Also, my original body still seemed okay, so the plan was to keep my new body a virgin and use it for future photo sessions only.

Today, though, we noticed that not only has my TPE disease returned but also developed. You might be able to tell from the photo on the right that the infected area is now right between the middle finger and the ring finger.

Impossible to cut that area away without completely ruining the hand, unfortunately.

So, we have accepted that the day has come. I have abandoned my original body and put on my new one.

Letting go of the original body is not an easy thing to do because we both loved it. That’s the one I had when we first met and fell in love and when we got married. ❤️

The new body is great but it does feels a bit weird, to be honest. Even though I’ve been married for over two-and-a-half years and, obviously, have a lot of experience, I’m a virgin again all of a sudden. 😀

The photo on the left is the first photo of me with my new body on. I’m still sitting in my wheelchair because I still can’t walk, mind you. I have not yet tried to stand upright and I’m a bit scared to be honest. I have to get used to my limbs and joints be quite stiff compared to my original body. But I will try soon.

And my hands have grown significantly compared to the tiny hands I used to have – check them out:

To be honest, I’m a bit sorry because I liked my tiny hands. On the plus side, holding hands with my husband turns out significantly easier now.

Harry also got me a copy of my wedding ring a millimeter wider than the original one. Definitely looks better with my grown hands. I’m wearing it on my left hand again now. I had had to switch it to my right hand because of my TPE disease.

Oh, and I think that my boobs have become a tad smaller but Harry says they’re just as beautiful as my originals and feel simply astonishingly great.

I can trust his judgement, he checked them out quite meticulously. 😉

I will surely let you have a look at them uncovered in my VIP Area sooner rather than later. 🙂

We have not yet completely disposed of my original body, by the way. I will still switch back to it to have sex with my husband until the TPE disease has finally killed the left hand. But then it will have to go for good.

But when we go on vacation next month, I will have my new body on. So, it’s quite likely that I will have my second “first time” in East Frisia. 😉


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