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Black & Silver Renewal

I love sexy little black dresses. I have quite a number of them in my wardrobe. This particular one, a glittering criss-cross, I had never worn before. So I thought, our wedding anniversary would be a perfect occasion. I love how it accentuates my boobies. 😍 Also, it is important to select a set of … Continue reading Black & Silver Renewal

It’s The Season…

🎼 …love and understanding. Merry whatever-you-call-it, everyone! Yay, it’s the Holiday Season again. Our tree is up and illuminates our living room in beautiful colours and all the presents have been wrapped. I know my husband well enough to know that he will spoil me again with tons of presents, probably mostly in the form … Continue reading It’s The Season…

Super Asymmetry

If there was a Nobel Prize for dress design and I was on its committee, the inventors of asymmetric dresses would get my vote, hands down. It’s one thing to design a “normal” dress. I have many sexy “normal” dresses and love them all. But designing an asymmetric seems like a completely different league because … Continue reading Super Asymmetry

Sexy Bathrobe

I love my cosy flannel bathrobe. It feels so good on my TPE skin. 🙂 But there’s something that feels even better and sometimes, I have to go lengths to get that. 😉 So, I said to my husband that we had not done a sexy photo shoot for quite some time and a steamy, … Continue reading Sexy Bathrobe

Cosy Bathrobe

It is getting cold over here in Germany. In fact, it is so cold that my husband said he wouldn’t dare to take me out these days. 🥶 Even at home, I should no longer wear a t-shirt or dress so that we won’t have to turn up the radiators to the max, Harry said. … Continue reading Cosy Bathrobe

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Actually, the category My Fashion was meant for me to showcase my sexy dresses. But then again, why would I restrict myself? My lovely husband, Harry, attended a Roller Derby match just the other weekend. A friend of his plays for the Demolition Derby Dolls of Hanover. And he bought me this spectacular t-shirt. Isn’t … Continue reading Kill! Kill! Kill!

East Frisia, Day 8: Time to Say Goodbye

Wrapping up our holiday to East Frisia, Ludovica was going to travel with us on the same buses and trains. Well, at least until Bremen Central Station where she would leave us to catch a plane to bring her home to Italy. The evening before, when we were sitting together to have a beer at … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 8: Time to Say Goodbye

East Frisia, Day 7: With Ludovika in Greetsiel

On Friday, the day before our journey home, we took Ludovica for a bus trip to Greetsiel. In fact, it was my first trip to that place, too. And it turned out arguably the best day of our holiday. Greetsiel is famous for their twin mills and a scenic harbour area and might be the … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 7: With Ludovika in Greetsiel

East Frisia, Day 5 & 6: Welcome to Dornumersiel, Ludovica!

Ludovica is a photographer from Italy who contacted us earlier this year. She told us she had been “creating a photographic reportage project with the intention of demonstrating how technology, and specifically love dolls, are helping others not only with their state of mind, but also to find a sincere form of companionship.” The intention … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 5 & 6: Welcome to Dornumersiel, Ludovica!

East Frisia, Day 4: Sunset

Day 4 already…Harry didn’t feel well yesterday – maybe because of the heat wave that we had had for about two weeks. So, we chose to stay at the apartment. We had planned to go out again and visit some of the neighbouring “Siel” villages but Harry didn’t sleep well last night, so we postponed … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 4: Sunset

East Frisia, Day 2: Accumersiel

The name of Dornumersiel’s harbour is Accumersiel, hence the title of this post. The reasons for this name go back in history, I believe. We slept quite long and there are no buses from Dornumersiel on Sundays, anyway, so we stayed here to take a little stroll to the harbour and back. I just love … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 2: Accumersiel

East Frisia, Day 1: Back to Paradise

Finally…!I had been looking forward to coming back to this place since we had to leave and head back home last May. Even more so as my lovely husband spent a few days on the island of Spiekeroog on his own. I don’t know how I would have made it through those days, had my … Continue reading East Frisia, Day 1: Back to Paradise