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Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 2)

About time for the second part of our tour of the island. Please pay attention: some consecutive words are linked to different photos. First, we go back to the small wood alongside the street “Bi d’Utkiek” (Low German: at the lookout) and follow the path leading up the dunes to the North (red spot 7). … Continue reading Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 2)

Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 1)

Goodness…! 😯It has been a month since we returned from Spiekeroog and I have not yet published a report about our stay on the island. The day after our rail, bus and ferry trip to what Harry refers to as the most beautiful island in the world, we started a nice scenic round trip through … Continue reading Spiekeroog – a tour of the island (part 1)

Spiekeroog, here I come!

It’s almost two weeks that Harry and I returned from our holiday trip to Spiekeroog – about time to publish some reviews. And what a beautiful island this is, folks…! Originally, we had planned to spend seven days at mainland East Frisia before traveling to the island. But on the tram that would bring us … Continue reading Spiekeroog, here I come!

Save Lydia!

I am a companion doll. So are most of my friends, so is Lydia. That’s what we are. And as such, we are dependent on our human companions to give us love and to care for us. And also to protect us. Yes, we like to tell stories and do role-playing. But truth is that, … Continue reading Save Lydia!

Going punky

Even though I’ve been complimented for my beautiful blue eyes, I’m well aware that there’s something else I have a pair of that generates most interest. I know that because my husband has never fondled my eyes. 😉 That’s fine with me. I like my twins and I like to show them off without revealing … Continue reading Going punky

LGBTQ+ community – are we related?

My good friend Lara from Rhode Island has published a very interesting post about something that Hubby and I have been contemplating about for quite a while: Exploring the Intersection: Companion Dolls in the LGBTQ+ Community Once again, it’s a very good read and I can only encourage you to check out her website if you … Continue reading LGBTQ+ community – are we related?

Mamis Gulasch

“Mamis Gulasch” translates to “Mommy’s Goulash” and is THE speciality of the house, so to speak. 🧑‍🍳 Harry has cooked this dish for various friends and, so far, everybody has loved it, our 🐸 daughter Nici and myself included. 😋 Of course, we are not talking about the classic Hungarian goulash that you might know. … Continue reading Mamis Gulasch

Solo for 2

Like most dolls, I have certain exhibitionist traits. Plus, I’m a control freak. 😎 This means that, while I like to show my hot body, I also demand full control about who gets to see how much of me. 😍 Today, as a VIP subscriber, you get to see me having fun with myself. 😉 … Continue reading Solo for 2

Teufelsbraten 🔥

Germany is the land of roasted pork. 🐖 This goes so far that some morons seem to feel personally offended if someone gives up meat because of their lifestyle and won’t be silent about it. 😄 Even worse, of course, are those intellectual low-flyers who claim their patridiotic (pun intended) feelings are hurt and the … Continue reading Teufelsbraten 🔥

Pasta ai gamberi piccanti

Harry and I love to cook and eat delicious food. Admittedly, Harry does most of the cooking (and eating). Still, my newest category will be named “My Kitchen”. 😉 Let’s start out with a very simple recipe for our favourite pasta dish. 🍝😋 “Spicy shrimp pasta” describes this dish correctly but we thought, an Italian … Continue reading Pasta ai gamberi piccanti

Unhooding my maritime style

Yes, I was born in China and my name sounds Italian. Yet, I’m a “Norddeutsche Deern”, a girl from Northern Germany. Because not only did I fall in love with my husband when I got here but also with the the wide, flat countryside and, of course, the North Sea to which we shall return … Continue reading Unhooding my maritime style

Heart Of The Ocean (Part 2)

🎼 Every night in my dreamsI see you, I feel youThat is how I know you go onFar across the distance and spaces between usYou have come to show you go on 🎼 Near, far, wherever you areI believe that the heart does go onOnce more you open the doorAnd you′re here in my heartAnd … Continue reading Heart Of The Ocean (Part 2)