East Frisia, Day 2: Dornumersiel

Dear travel diary,

We had a terrific day with terrific weather at Dornumersiel today.

Still, two questions linger in my mind:
a) How come the water is always gone when I get there?
b) Do I look like I’ve gained weight on the photos?

Well, anyway…

We took a stroll around the Mahlbusen which is an artifical lake between the harbour and the “Dornumersieler Tief”. The “tiefs” are a canal system reaching deep into the hinterland.

Of course, we stopped at the picturesque harbour for a few shots. A very kind biker let Harry shoot a photo of me next to his Harley.

We also found out that it was “Drachenfest” (kite festival) again, just like last year. As it was way too crowded down there due to the “Drachenfest” and the water was gone anyway, we wouldn’t go all the way down to the beach today.

Instead, we went back to Mahlbusen’s other shore where we treated ourselves with a “Spaghettieis”, an ice cream dish resembling a plate of spaghetti, mainly made of vanilla ice and strawberry sauce. It’s quite popular in Germany and really delicious.

Of course, some people gave us weired glances throughout our stroll. Some wouldn’t even reply to Harry saying “moin” (which is the local greeting used all day and night). Others didn’t seem to notice.

Oh, and then there was this one kid on the parking lot next to the harbour asking Harry, “she’s a doll, isn’t she? Is she supposed to be your wife?” Of course, Harry wouldn’t deny it. ❤️

Which is actually why I wasn’t so mad when my lovely husband later pulled out an improbable win in Game 4 of the XMädn GP Holiday Series. 😉


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