East Frisia, Day 1: Arrival

Dear travel diary,

This vacation trip promises to turn out way, way, way much better than the mishap trip to the Baltic Sea about a fortnight ago.

The train attendants were all very kind and helpful, as they had been the previous times when we traveled to East Frisia, and my husband had a very positive conversation with two nice ladies.

They were very interested in what I was about. When Harry explained to them why he was sharing his life with a companion doll, they were very supportive and even praised his courage to take me out and not hide me.

There were also a few little children on the train curiously looking at me but they would not dare to ask anything.

Nici, meanwhile, was sleeping the entire trip in Harry’s giant backpack, wrapped in his bathrobe. So cute! Too bad we didn’t take a picture.

Upon arrival in Norden, we switched to a bus to take us to Dornumersiel.

The driver was also very cool with me and, unlike his hell-driving colleague last year, tried his best to drive gently so I would not fall over with my wheelie.

What can I say, we’re all happy to be back here in Dornumersiel even though we have not yet seen the ocean. Harry did plan to take Nici and me right to the harbour and the beach, however, after doing some shopping for the upcoming two days, he was just too tired.

So, we had a bite to eat and played Game 3 of the XMädn GP Holiday Series and then went straight to bed.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow. The weather should be fine so that we expect to get a nice dose of fresh sea air and, hopefully, a magic North Sea sunset.


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