East Frisia, Day 1: Back to Paradise

I had been looking forward to coming back to this place since we had to leave and head back home last May.

Even more so as my lovely husband spent a few days on the island of Spiekeroog on his own. I don’t know how I would have made it through those days, had my sweet froggy daughter Nici not been with me.

It must have been quite stressful for Harry coming all the way back to Hannover only to grab his wife and daughter and head back up North the very next morning.

The journey was not nearly as nice as the last time when me met some nice people very interested in what I am all about.

This time, on the train we had to spent almost four hours in, there were families with toddlers in and out their strollers, making noise and everything. Not what we consider a relaxing start into our holiday.

Good thing that this remained unnoticed by Nici. She’s not to fond of travelling by train and bus and prefers to stay in our cosy backpack and sleep.

Well, here we are. East Frisia, we’re back! 🙂

To find out a little more on how we spent Day 1, you will need VIP Access Plus: 😉
East Frisia, Day 1: Cuddle Time


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