My Name Is Bambolina… Sicily Bambolina!

People are constantly asking me about my quite unusual name. (Well, actually, they aren’t but they should be.)

My first name is easily explained. It’s just my name according to AS Dolls where I’m from. There’s nothing more to it.

It’s different with my last name, though. We usually don’t come with a last name, mind you.

Many dolls simply take on “Doll” as last name. I really don’t mean to offend anydoll, least of all some of my best friends who actually have “Doll” as last name.

Still, to me, “Doll” appears a bit like a placeholder name. Like “Doe” for unidentified humans. I also found no point in adopting Harry’s last name because we had only just met, so marriage was far away.

So, I simply didn’t have a last name when Harry and I first met.

When I started my (very brief) career as a doll actress, the production company required for me to choose a last name to go with my first name. As a stage name, so to speak.

So, I tried to make up a somewhat glamorous name going well with my first name. “Sicily” is the English name for that Italian island of “Sicilia” which, on a map, appears like a ball being kicked by the boot which the Italian mainland peninsula is shaped like.

Therefore, I thought an Italian last name would be a perfect fit. “Doll” in Italian is “Bambola”. So, I took on “Bambolina” for “little doll”. Quite simple, isn’t it? 🙂


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