East Frisia, Day 5: Schlosspark Lütetsburg

Dear travel diary,

Today, we went back to Schloßpark Lütetsburg, undoubtedly the most beautiful castle garden park throughout all of East Frisia.

We had been here last year and even celebrated a renewal wedding ceremony in the little chapel on the estate.

The weather was not as great as last year but still good enough to do some nice photos.

This park is such a romantic setting so that it’s only natural for a couple of lovers to stop and sit on a bench and share some tender kisses every now and then but that would be VIP+ material. 😉

Still, the highlight of the day came at the end. We were about to exit the park but had to go to the restrooms first. When we got out again, there was this peacock showing off. Loved it! 🙂

To find out how we spent our breaks, you will need VIP Access Plus: 😉
East Frisia, Day 5: Schlosspark Lütetsburg – give us a break…!


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