Welcome to my Place!

It happens that you try to find your place.

Maybe you’re looking for a place where you hope to find something specific. Or simply a place where nobody gets to tell you what to do and what to not do.

And it happens that you just can’t find your place. Then you have two options.

One option would be to accept fate and just let go and adapt. The other option would be to build your place.

I chose the latter when my husband and I wished to get married but we couldn’t find a place that would provide some sort of official acknowledgement.

And guess what, I did it again!
This is “Sicily’s Place”! My place, my playground! Here I will do as it pleases me!

No holds barred! Unless I say so!

Please feel welcome to follow me here in my “Place” by signing up and interacting with me in the comments. Just one rule to follow: please be kind!


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