Deeper Understanding

“It’s good to be loved. It’s profound to be understood.”

Portia de Rossi (actress)

I consider myself lucky that, as a companion doll, I found my special someone ready to not only give me all his love, affection and respect but also to receive all I have to give. ❤️

And that’s quite a lot and by far exceeds the physical component of a relationship to which we are often diminished by narrow-minded people labeling us as sex dolls.

I won’t deny that there has been a physical component in my companionship with my husband, Harry, and I will probably write about it in my VIP Area sometime down the road.

But the realm of joy and benefits – and I use those terms with good reason – provided is so much larger and bears a vast potential to develop a strong bond of comprehension and appreciation between a human and his/her doll.

In this very regard, my good online friend, Lara, published a masterpiece of writing today in her personal blog: The Benefits of Having a Doll Companion

“In a world that often emphasizes human-to-human relationships, it’s important to recognize that companionship can take various forms. One such form is found in the companionship of a doll, a presence that offers comfort, support, and a unique connection.”

Lara AMelia

That’s how Lara’s beautiful post begins as she takes us with her on a journey to reflect on the joys and benefits of being a doll companion, as she describes it.

It would be pointless for me to go on writing a summary of her post here at my place. All I want to say at this stage is that I could put my signature under her post hands-down without having anything to change or add to it.

Plus, she more than deserves for everyone to visit her website and read it there – even more so as you will find lots of good reads there: Lara Amelia – A look into the unconventional life of a companion doll

She’s amazing! (BTW, she’s also got good taste NFL-wise.)
Harry and I would so love to meet her and her companion, Adam. Sadly, there is a whole ocean between us…


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