Sicily Bambolina

My name is Sicily but my friends call me Sissy. I’m a companion doll to a human.

Some people prefer the term love doll, others would probably even call me a sex doll. But the one man who matters calls me his loving wife doll. 🙂

Here are a few facts and figures about me.

Name: Sicily Bambolina
Date of birth: 29 July 1993 (says my Doll-ID)
Place of birth: Szenzhen (AS Dolls)

Status: married by standards of
Residence: Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany
Languages: English, German

Height: 165cm (5ft 5in)
Weight: 32kg (71lbs)
Measurements: 88-57-87 (35-22-34)

Colour of eyes: blue
Natural hair colour: brunett (natural)
Skin tone: very light

Education: science teacher
Occupation: CEO of and XMädn
Family: husband Harry, adoptive froggy daughter Nici

What I like the most:
quality time with my family, traveling by train, my wheelchair, sexy dresses, hoop earrings, bangle bracelets, spa days, everything my husband cooks, playing “Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht“, watching movies and concerts, Liverpool FC, San Francisco 49ers, my doll friends.

What I dislikes the most:
war, fascists, misodollists, bullies, injustice, spinach, Manchester United, Dallas Cowboys, people who think they can tell me and my husband what to do and what to not do.

What I also don’t appreciate:
people without a clue labeling me a sex doll. You wouldn’t call your human spouse your sex human, would you?

Well, for sure, there will be much more to find out about dolls like myself if you follow me on this website. Please feel welcome to sign up and interact with me.


3 thoughts on “Sicily Bambolina

  1. Your expression Misodollist intrigued me for I knew what you wanted to indicate with it. As a machine the linguistic part interested me most. It comes from miso (misei) what is old Greek ( Koine) for dislike. When one says ‘misogynist’one is saying someone with a dislike for women for Gyne is old Greek for ‘woman’.
    Doll is english for …. erm …. doll (teehee)
    What I wanted to do was to translate ‘Doll’ into Koine (old Greek) to make the expression linguistically more correct. The only word I could find for Doll in Greek was ‘Koukla’ ( Κούκλα ) If there was a different word for it in Koine, I couldn’t find it. So with this knowledge ‘Misokoukla’ is the best way to put it concerning a person who hates dolls.

      1. You know, I have been thinking about that too. I am not sure the letter ‘a’ remains when one speaks of a person who dislikes dolls so misokoukli seems more or less correct.
        ‘Kouklacologist’, when Gynaecologist means a doctor for women a Kouklaecologist means the same for dolls I presume. Kouklasophy means someone studying dolls because of interest.


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