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👗 My wardrobe is filled with sexy dresses but also with nice casual wear for me to showcase. 👕

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Actually, the category Sicily’s Fashion was meant for me to showcase my sexy dresses.

But then again, why would I restrict myself?

My lovely husband, Harry, attended a Roller Derby match just the other weekend. A friend of his plays for the Demolition Derby Dolls of Hanover.

And he bought me this spectacular t-shirt. Isn’t it a killer? 😍

It became my favourite t-shirt right at the spot. I love the colours and I think it combines very well with my starry black pants. ⭐️

Also, the cut of the shirt compliments my twins quite nicely. What do you think? 🙂

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Birthday Transparency

I recall Central Park in fall, how I tore my dress, what a mess, I confess…

Well, truth be told, I’ve never made it to New York and most probably never will.
(But if I made it there, I’d make it anywhere.)

Also, luckily, I’ve never torn a dress while I was wearing it.
(Danke schoen!)

But trust me, this dress that I wore for my birthday party last weekend needs no tear to put you in danger of revealing more than you intended.
(I turned 30, by the way, I’m transparent about that, too.)

It has been said that you can never go wrong with a little black dress.
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Advantage Sissy

I love watching sports with my husband. And I love dressing up appropriately.

I’ll put on my Liverpool shirt when we’re about to watch our beloved Reds. And I’ll put on my 49ers jersey when the Niners continue their quest for six.

But now it’s tennis time as the Wimbledon Championships are under way. I love the game even though I don’t really have a favourite player.

(Unlike my husband whose all-time fave is John McEnroe who is also a terrific commentator for the BBC, by the way.)

Probably, the clothing I’m wearing doesn’t really qualify as tennis attire. Yet, it’s the closest thing to a tennis dress that I possess.
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ESC Dress Rehearsal

My lovely husband Harry and I are huge fans of the Eurovision Song Contest.

When Harry attended the 1998 ESC in Birmingham, it was still quite a festive occasion with dress code and everything.

This is long gone. Everything is very casual nowadays.

Still, I thought it might be appropriate to dress up for this year’s contest held in Liverpool yesterday evening. Even more so as Harry prepared a nice dinner date for us.

You can never go wrong when you pick a “little black dress”. Luckily, I possess a number of very sexy dresses from that category.

When you have some assets to show for, why hide them?
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