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Kill! Kill! Kill!

Actually, the category Sicily’s Fashion was meant for me to showcase my sexy dresses.

But then again, why would I restrict myself?

My lovely husband, Harry, attended a Roller Derby match just the other weekend. A friend of his plays for the Demolition Derby Dolls of Hanover.

And he bought me this spectacular t-shirt. Isn’t it a killer? 😍

It became my favourite t-shirt right at the spot. I love the colours and I think it combines very well with my starry black pants. ⭐️

Also, the cut of the shirt compliments my twins quite nicely. What do you think? 🙂

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East Frisia, Day 8: Time to Say Goodbye

Wrapping up our reports from our holiday to East Frisia back in September, let’s take a look back to the day of our journey home.

Ludovica was going to travel with us on the same buses and trains until Bremen Central Station where she would leave us to catch a plane to bring her home.

The evening before, when we were sitting together to have a beer at the “Santa Maria” restaurant, she had noticed some stray cats and was wondering whether they would get food from the restaurant.

And while Harry and I were already waiting at the bus stop, Ludovica made sure the stray cats would get some food that she had bought at the small Dornumersiel supermarket the evening before.
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East Frisia, Day 7: With Ludovika in Greetsiel

Meanwhile, six weeks have gone, so it’s about time to finally look back to arguably the best day of our holiday in East Frisia.

On Friday, the day before our journey home, we took Ludovica for a bus trip to Greetsiel. In fact, it was my first trip to that place, too.

Greetsiel is famous for their twin mills and a scenic harbour area and might be the most beautiful “Siel” village in all of East Frisia.

Ludovica got to shoot some photos of Harry and me and we also found opportunities to rest, have a drink and talk, for instance at the fish restaurant “de Beer Greetje”.
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