Monthly Archives: May 2023

Eurovision Dinner Date

It had been a while that my husband Harry and I had a dinner date.

Harry thought the night of the Eurovision Song Contest might be a good occasion.

We were having a Steak “Strindberg” with fried potatoes. It was delicious as always.

We also enjoyed the contest. We weren’t so fond of this year’s ESC class when previewing all the entries prior to our recent vacation trip.

However, in the end, many of the songs we hadn’t liked previously did find our approval thanks to their live performances.

Our personal 12-pointer was the Estonian entry which ended up in a decent eighth place.
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ESC Dress Rehearsal

My lovely husband Harry and I are huge fans of the Eurovision Song Contest.

When Harry attended the 1998 ESC in Birmingham, it was still quite a festive occasion with dress code and everything.

This is long gone. Everything is very casual nowadays.

Still, I thought it might be appropriate to dress up for this year’s contest held in Liverpool yesterday evening. Even more so as Harry prepared a nice dinner date for us.

You can never go wrong when you pick a “little black dress”. Luckily, I possess a number of very sexy dresses from that category.

When you have some assets to show for, why hide them?
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East Frisia, Day 8 – Journey Home

Time to travel home…

We surely enjoyed our third trip to East Frisia and are looking forward to coming back in September.

I hope it will be warm enough for some bikini shots then because I’d really love to do some fashion shots in a maritime environment.

Except for some weird glances from passers-by, which we have long been used to, it was quiet journey home without any incidents.

Unfortunately, we had no interesting conversations on the train this time.

Still no unfriendly bus drivers and train attendants when traveling these parts, by the way. Schleswig-Holstein train attendants should try and learn from their Lower Saxon colleagues.
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