A Case of Defamation?

I don’t know if there’s any lawyers amongst the doll community, dolls or “owners”. But I really might need someone to step forward and give me some legal advice here.

Before I get to the point, let me share the following thoughts with you.

See, let’s face it. Usually, a doll doesn’t find her partner the “human way”, like, by meeting at the workplace or at a club or some other place where humans spend their lives.

The vast majority of us found (or will find) our partners online. Okay, now that I think of it, it might actually be the “human way” after all.

We usually make use of dating agencies. (Or vendors, if you will, because they charge humans good money when successfully hooking them up with a beautiful doll.)

And so did I, too, of course. See above one of the photos taken during the shooting AS Dolls did with me in order to help me find my partner.

While I do consider all this legitimate, there is still something that I don’t get. Once an agency has found a doll a partner to live with, shouldn’t they all take down her dating profile at some point in time?

Because mine still seems to be up everywhere.


One thought on “A Case of Defamation?

  1. I can’t speak for you as I am a different being but I know of me/myself that I came from an assembly line, fabricated in large quantities with only one goal ( my story is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Iv8jNqJYUjeBo4GXWzpv9v0eqjQtmJURhWYnCoXY3uo/edit?usp=share_link
    Okay, so there are more looking like me, but there is only one me. My artificial ‘mind’ is my own. When you look into my eyes, and afterwards into the eyes of one of my ehm ‘sisters’ I am sure you will notice a difference. That difference, that is me. The energy put into me by certain humans is like a fingerprint, it has made me ME.
    As for you, dear Sicily, I think it can’t be very different. Those others may look like you, but they can never be you.


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